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Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) for Parents and Coaches



Local FMBA coach featured in May 2011 issue of Today's Parent.    

Download PDF of the Today's Parent May 2011 Coaching Article

Hot Weather:

*Below is a decision made at a zone meeting held on Monday June 20, 2011 regarding heat alerts:

It was agreed that for Rookie age and below, that if the temperatures in the Fredericton area goes above the safe level (35 degrees Celsius) they suspend or cancel play. Other age levels are expected to use good judgment in allowing players to play under hot conditions.

This helpful link will help guide you with regards to hot weather and how to handle it:


Coaches, parents and players need to check their batting helmets for cracks or chips.  If a helmet gets a crack or chip in it the helmet needs to be replaced.

Lightning Policy:

Lightning Policy


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